Neammie flashed behind the wall and stared at the dungeon. She scanned the dark place, looking for her target. All these poor people. But she was only paid to set one of them free. Sucks for the rest of them then. She finally found the one she was looking for. Dark curly hair and bluish gray eyes. Gwen was her name? Whatever. Only important thing was that she had to get that girl free. Why was a faerie trying to set a human free? Not her business.

“Psst.” She whispered, waving to the girl. “You alive?”

The girl looked up at her and squinted at Neammie suspiciously.

“Who are you?”

“Nothing you need to know. I’m just suppose to set you free.”

“Free? Is this a trap?”

“I go through all this trouble to get here and you think this is a trap?” Neammie hissed indignantly. “I was paid! See?” She waved a pouch a gold at the girl. The money she got from the ring. It was a good decent amount of money.


“Whatever. Now. You just gotta listen to my plan. And if you can carry it out flawlessly and leave this hellhole, I’m suppose to escort you to the edge of the forest. If not, well, sucks for you.”

Gwen leaned in curiously.


“Well, guards switch in a few minutes. That’s when their guard is down the most. I’ll unlock your door. You sneak out while I knock out that guard. And voila, you’re out of this place!”

“That guard isn’t that easy to deal with.”

“Oh, come on. You don’t know what I’ve face before. That guard? A piece of cake!”




Neammie quickly picked the lock before shrinking back behind the wall. Now, it was all up to the girl.

The End

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