“You know” Shadow said, there was no emotion in his voice. “You are not the first to try and fight. You will not be the last. And although you have lasted the longest, you all loose in the end. Even if you got out of here, where would you go? Fey are everywhere, and not all would keep you alive. Most would toy with you then kill you....more painfully than here.” He stared at Guinevere, his eyes narrowing. “You would die out there before we could get you back. Why cant you just give up?”
Why couldn't she give up? Because she had a family to go back to. Because she couldn't possibly live like this. She needed her freedom, even if it meant that she had to live on the run. 
Shadow sighed and shook his head. 
“Why am I even talking to you? Its not like you will respond. Other than trying to evade my sword again.” His eyes flashed. “And thats another thing. You will never get past me.”
Guinevere couldn't help but smirk. Shadow noticed, and his eyes narrowed again. 
''That's where you're wrong,'' she whispered. She looked him right in the eye. ''I will get past you, and when I do, I'll get my freedom back. So what if I'll be on the run for the fey? I'll fight. I'll fight and I'll never give up. Tell me it's pointless, I don't care. I'd rather die trying than die after a horrible live in this rotten cell.''
The fey looked at her. Guinevere wondered if it was admiration in his eyes, but she couldn't care less. 
''Fine then, you'll die trying.'' 

The End

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