“Two bags of mushrooms.” The faerie in the cloak offered.

Neammie shook her head, staring at the cloaked faerie incredulously.

“That? I steal flour for two bags of mushrooms! Something bigger.”


“No. I’m not risking my life for ten bags of mushrooms.”

The faerie paused for a moment. He reached up and unclipped a pendant from around his neck.

“How about all of my power in the Seelie Court?”

Neammie looked at it hungrily, but shook her head.

“Mercenaries don’t take power as payment. Too risky. Don’t you know that? Do you have anything precious?”

The faerie sighed before slowly taking a ring off his hand.

“How about this?”

Neammie grabbed it and inspected it closely, before dropping it in her pouch. She nodded at the faerie.

“You got a deal.”

The faerie quickly turned and left.

Neammie tossed the ring into the sky, watching it glisten in the light. A ring for infiltrating a dungeon, wasn’t that bad of a trade. She whistled a small tune as she strolled through the forest. She would start tomorrow. Tonight, she would sell this ring first. Just in case is was cursed.

The End

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