The NearFar. A land full of beauty, light and dark. A land full of magic and fey. a land that is never truely safe.
Some humans can see the fey, even in their hidden form. These humans are in danger; the Fey can steal them away, keep them hidden in the Nearfar forever...and no one will ever know.

“Well, well... Shadow.” The Queen was sat on her throne, and the black haired boy watched her with untrusting eyes. “Its so good to see you back here at east. If I didn't know you so well, I would say you've been avoiding us.” The threat was barely hidden in her voice and the young faery grimaced.

“My queen. You know I miss your company every time I have to leave, but duty calls me away so often.” Shadow said carefully, his loathing for the place carefully concealed behind a mask of indifference.

“If you missed us you would send someone else. If you loved us as much as you say..” The queens eyes glittered dangerously. “You would tell me your name.”


“Your true name, my dear.”

I smile slightly. “I'll tell you mine if you tell me your, my queen.”

She scowled. “Shadow, my precious, Don't make me angry. It wouldn’t keep you in favour.”

“It wasn't my plan to make you angry, but if I am, I will go.”

She waved her hand, and Shadow bowed, walking out of the room before breathing a sigh of relief. Faery politics was a painful thing to go through, and if you made a wrong move, you could loose more than just favour. Luckily for Shadow, he had learnt where the lie was, and never crossed it. We would walk along it like a tight rope at times, but what was a faery that didn't play those games?

But honestly, Shadow couldn't stand the games of the Unseelie court. He would rather be in the dark wood of the NearFar, hunting, or walking unseen in the human world than stay and use his words and emotions as a weapon. But that wasn't how it worked. If they knew he hated the courts, he would never get away, and if they knew he hated them as much as he did...

He could end up like those in the dungeons that he was guarding.

That's where he was walking to now, the darkness of the dungeons, where the weakest of the fey, and the human prisoners were kept. This was his home, where he felt safest, watching over the ones he knew could do him no harm

The End

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