The Stone

It wasn't long after the dreams began that I started seeing the Stone in real life. I'd be walking down a street and see it out of the corner of my eye looming up in the distance or I'd see it's reflection in a pane of glass as I walked past a shop window. It began following me and like the dream, I didn't know what it meant.

I thought I was going insane.

The dreams had started only a few months after I'd graduated from the University of Montana. I'd finally earned my masters and after spending so long in academia I was feeling lost. All throughout my degree I'd known what I wanted to do, where it was I was going but at that point there had been just this gaping emptiness.

It was a Tuesday when the first thoughts of the Stone began to run rampant through my head. I remember it well. I had been sitting at home, having moved back in with my parents after leaving the university dorms. At first that had been awkward, I'd known they'd been disappointed in me, their son coming back a degree in his hands and nothing in his heart but after a month or so the recriminating looks had stopped, or I had stopped caring, either way it hadn't mattered any more. As I was saying, I was sitting down, just staring idly at the television, not really watching it but rather letting the images of Clint Eastwood in Paint Your Wagon glide idly over my retinas when I caught a glimpse through the window of something massive.

Behind the house on the other side of the road, stood an immense, grey-granite block. It must have been at least two hundred feet high and even though it was a matte, dull grey to my eyes it shone like silver in the sun as if it was there just for me. Bizarre as it was, I walked to the window, opened it and climbed out. I don't know why but I felt for some reason I shouldn't take my eyes off of it, that if I did it would disappear and I would never see this grand monolith again. Without letting it out of my sight, I eased myself through the window frame and then crossed the road. The neighbours where away on holiday, I remembered but even if they weren't I was too far gone at that point to turn back. I walked down the side of the property, never taking my eyes of the looming grey mass that stood over the house and made my way to their garden.

And there it had been, the Stone. One massive, granite corner pressed firmly into the crisp, green grass, the foliage of the trees scraping soundlessly against it's surface as it stood there, immovable and majestic. I'd sank to my knees just then with tears in my eyes and had to crawl towards it, my legs unwilling or unable to support my weight. When I reached it, I stretched my hand out to touch the rough, grey surface and as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone.

Then I woke up. I'd fallen asleep in my chair it had seemed, but most disturbingly I still had grass stains on my knees.

After that first dream, none were as powerful or as moving, they seemed to fade away, becoming less and less until I could barely recall them at all. I'd dismissed them from my thoughts but what I hadn't realised was that the dreams weren't just fading away, they were moving, moving from outside the soft tissue of my brain and into the waking world.

So here I am, waiting, watching for the Stone. It will be real one day, I feel it, but for now it lurks on the corner of my vision. No matter what I've done, no research has managed to find out anything about it, no story, no myth, no tall tale or crazy babbling has ever so much as mentioned the Stone. I've searched high and low, near and far but nothing. As strange as it is, the Stone, it seems, wishes to remain my secret.

I still think I'm going insane, maybe I already am; seeing a two hundred foot high block of granite following you around isn't exactly normal behaviour. Whatever is happening, I know the Stone is coming, and soon and even if I'm wrong and it never comes, it's given me a purpose, something to live for. My degree, my whole life, it was only a distraction, pulling me away from my true calling. I'm a prophet, the prophet of the Stone. I stopped sitting around, purposeless and started doing something with my life. I got a job with a mining company working in a quarry - a far cry from my Business Information Systems degree. The Stone was there waiting for me, I could feel it and one day I would find it and be able to share it with the world.

The Stone is waiting. Waiting.


The End

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