The mystery of the clock

When Professors assistant Edmund accidentely uses a time machine, he finds himself on an adventure to save the future and secure the past.

"So how exactly does it work professor?" I asked curiously rubbing my small chin. Before my very eyes was a working time machine...or so the professor claimed. I've never doubted his genius before and I doubt I will ever doubt it again but this invention was too brilliant. Man had always longed to see the future or try and change the past. Was it possible we could really do that.

"You pull this lever Edmund" the professor answered immitating the action and accidentely knocking the long golden lever. "Then you input the date you wish to travel to on this glove. I could see the globe theatre or find out who will be the next President of Quebec"

"Wow professor!" I beamed childishly "And you say it really does work?"

"Of course it works Edmund" the professor laughed trying to hide his disgust that his assistant and possible apprentice would say such a thing. I looked at the time machine as a whole. It was kitten sized with straps to wear like a jetpack. The lever pointed out so if you did indeed wear it you could pull it with your right hand. Your left hand however fit perfectly into a golden glove which was equiped with a set of revolving number keys which spelt out the date.

"Whats this professor!" I gasped picking up a newspaper clipping from under his desk. He had cut it out of the newspaper purpously. It was dated three days ago and showed a photo of New Newfoundland. The trees however were not their usual green and the flora looked weak and aging.

"Its something I've been asked to investigate. It seems something supernatural happens in St. Joseph. Locals say they heard a loud bang and smelt smoke shortly before reports of dying wildlife arose...Oy! Edmund!"

I guiltily drew my hand away from the glove. It was so tempting. The professor opened his mouth but my lecture was interrupted by a knock at the labratory door. As soon as the professor turned his back I slipped my hand into the glove and began flicking the numbers knowing I would not time travel. I was wrong.

The professor opened the door as the time machine began to vibrate like an engine roaring into life. I gasped then looked at the lever. When the professor nudged it accidentely he knocked it off stand by! I really was going to travel in time

"Edmund!" the professor roared as I disappeared in a flurry of flashing scenery. The labratory in which I had just stood began changing too quickly to comprehend. Before I knew it all the technology the professor had made vanished and all his workstations faded into the bare wooden walls. The interior crumbled away and vanished with the infrastructure. I was stood in the spot where the lab had been but it was now a field full of sweet green grass. Something that no longer existed in downtown Montreal. I had travelled back in time...and I wasn't alone          

The End

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