Tamara Young: My Perfect ReleaseMature

Sobs reverberated through the still air of the night, breaking the deadly silence that had been formed around me. I stared at her body, my eyes unwavering from the sight in front of me. My parents refused to lay eyes on the corpse, the thing that had once been their daughter. I could see why.

I tore my eyes away, turning to my left to see my mom and dad. Both of them were broken from her death. It had been unexpected, a bolt from the blue.  And the worst thing for them was they couldn't blame anyone. Even if they wanted to, they were past the level of suspicion that I should be feeling. To me, she was gone. Three words that didn't effect me like it should to family, let alone her sister.

"Shouldn't we be leaving?" I asked, my voice normal and in control unlike those around me. My mom sniffed and averted her eyes away, meeting mine quickly before staring at the ground. Her eyes were glassy, plenty more tears were left to spill. My dad however was completely silent, but his eyes reflected pain and loss.

"You're right."

My dad took firm hold of my mother who leaned towards him for support as they walked away, heading towards the car. I glanced over my shoulder once more at the remnants of what used to be my sister. But the small pool of dark blood that surrounded her body wasn't the same as the one running in my veins.

Carrol Young had been no more than a stranger to me. And her death is my perfect release.

The End

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