Kevin Clark: Broken HeartedMature

When the police told me that Carrol was dead I broke down and cried. No, she couldn't be dead. How had this happened?

I loved Carrol with every ounce of my being. She joined our school in my freshman year. She said that she was ready to study in a normal school. I loved her from the moment that I saw her. But she didn't know of my existence. I would follow her around campus, watching her laugh, watching her smile. I took a minor in photography just so I had an excuse to take her picture.

Was that stalking? No, I don't think so. So I watched and waited, hoping for the day that she came up to me and said, yes, I feel the same way. But that day never came.

So I approached her and pronounced my undying love to her. But she frowned, surprised and scared, and she rejected me. My heart was shattered into pieces that night. And now, just a day later it had been shattered again.

Fate is a cruel mistress but everyone must heed her call. And now I wish that she had said that she loved me, that perhaps things could have been different..

The End

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