Marilynn Ann : She had everything..Mature

One day Earlier

Carrol, yeah, she was sweet and caring and tried to help others when clearly she was the one that needed help, she was blind after all. Carrol considered me her best friend being the person who tried to help her the most through this pityful Christian school. At first, I did want to help her, we met because I needed to get connections to transfer and when sister Jann heard of my intentions, she introduced me to Carrol. Although Carrol was blind, it wasn't hard to see that she was naturally beautiful, her eyes had a unique tint no one ever posessed.

As I had gotten closer to Carrol, spending lunch and leisurely time with her discussing her past, she always had everything she wanted, her disability never held her back, she grew up in wealth, having two parents that loved her dearly and bought her way into everything. As opposed to me that had tried to be everything my parents wanted, it was never enough, even that night when my uncle Robert had snuck into my bed, and did away with me! My parents neglected to believe me, to them, I was one sick child that was a liar. To them I was lower than dirt, more disgusting than trash.

Yet I was gifted with a sweet tender loving face and long eye lashes. In front of Carrol, when I had told her my story, she touched my back gently with that grotesque arm of hers; she could never understand me and mocked me when I had heard the rumor she had hynotized my crush! That WITCH!

Poor Jason was hypnotized by those eyes of hers, and the soft bewitching voice. I thought she was my friend...

The End

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