The EndMature

I was amazed. One person's death, changed the lives of many people. Some even were changed for the better.

I stood in my office, just staring at the file. I looked at the Case Closed sign. I smiled. I couldn't help it.

I had been thinking about retiring, but after that case, I knew I just couldn't do it. This had been such an emotional case.


I lifted my phone, "Hello?"

It was my boss, Randal.

"We got another one."

"Another what?" I asked, wishing I hadn't.

"Another high school case. Chace Wilt has been killed. Shot to the head with a-"

"Fill me in on it later, okay?" I chuckled, "When I get there?"

Randal sighed, "Alright. Hurry up, I'm freezing out here."

I laughed loudly as I hung up.

I felt comfortable in my chair, too comfortable. I didn't want to go off on another case, but then I thought about the last one.

I had changed people's lives when I solved that case, and some people's lives became better...

With that thought in my head, I walked to the door. I walked out without hesitation.

It was a bright, new day. I was ready. Ready, not to put someone in prison, but to change lives.

The End

The End

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