Brandon: 1,000 HoursMature

I have a kid! Who would have thunk? And, Grace is the mother. That one is even more surprising. If I had been sober and coherent, I never would have slept with Grace. I wouldn't do that to Aubrey. I don't know about the afterlife, but if Aubrey knows all of this now, I hope she forgives me.

My trial went pretty good. Mr. Quear kept me out of jail. We were both glad about that. The thousand hours of community service would give me plenty of time to think about the situation.

Part of my community service time was spent picking up trash along the highway. Several of my friends passed by. Some were nice about it. Others weren't. 

The more I thought about the whole thing, though, the more I realized that I did the right thing. I couldn't let Kerr do anything to Grace, and I knew that if he was allowed to roam the streets for any length of time, he would do something to her. Even though I technically didn't know about the baby at the time, I had a connection to Grace that went beyond Aubrey.

I first told Grace that I didn't want to see the kid. But, after hours of community service, I think I am beginning to change my mind. Of course, I don't want to interfere, either. Levi will be a much better dad than I ever would. Maybe I can be good ole Uncle Brandon. Later on, that is.

The End

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