Stacey: fresh start.Mature

My name is Stacey Grahams and I used to be a horrible person. But not any more. I'm trying my best to have a fresh start.

It was all thanks to that Mr Whithers, the detective who came to solve that murder. Her name was Aubrey Smith- I knew all along. It choked me up every night that she was lying there, dead, and the last thing I'd said to her was something along the lines of 'hes mine now so back off'. I cried the night we got told about her at school. And I tried to carry on- going to parties and doing drugs and getting off with strangers. For some reason this just pushed any fear and guilt I had to the back of my mind. I acted like I felt I was beautiful but I felt a little ugly. And Mr Whithers pointed it out. And poor Grace...

I went home that night and had a good look at myself. I just couldn't carry on being such a slut. So I threw all of my foundation out, and I don't really wear make-up much any more. I don't go to many parties- you could imagine that after my encounter with Mr Whithers people stopped talking to me. I sit with Dillon in class now-I admire her so much. I mean, I was a complete bitch to her, I called her a post-op, I drugged her. And she still has the guts to put up with me.

I still like Brandon but I know he couldn't just forgive me on the stop after everything. Maybe eventually...but I don't think I gave him a good impression of   what I was like as a girlfriend. So I've ruled out popularity and boys for now. It's getting on- I want to go to university so I'm really concentrating on my subjects. I've developed a real love for art and design-I have absolutely no idea where that'll take me but it's a nice creative outlet. And when I draw I feel like me. Not Stacey the slut. But plain Stacey Grahams. Thanks, Whithers.

The End

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