Mr. Kerr: The Afterlife... Pt. 3Mature

After Aubrey had finished telling him, Mr. Kerr was shocked.

Grace did it. I always thought it was that slut, Stacey.

White Mr. Kerr was pondering this a train pulled into the station. Aubrey looked up at it then turned to Mr. Kerr.

"That's your train."

Mr. Kerr then looked at it and too his horror he saw thousands of spiders; small, large, black, red, and brown. His face turned white as the doors parted and the hoard of spiders cascaded onto the floor and swarmed Arnold. Arnold then began to scream, as spiders scared him, this only allowed the spiders to crawl down his throat however, lengthening his torture. Then, the spiders managed to pull and drage him across the floor and into the train. And the doors closed as the last spider went back into the train.

All the spiders began to bite at Arnold, trying to make him stop squirming. But, Arnold then realized something horrifying. No matter how much venom he was stuck with, he would not die. He would be forever conscious of every single bite, and then he began to notice his skin reforming. At this sudden realization he began to understand,

This is my punishment for eternity.

Then, as the train left the station, he cried in agony, like he will be doing forever.


Aubrey remained in the platform and was particularly excited when a train came in. The doors opened and she walked on, and sat on one of the cushioned seats. She noticed a man across from her reading the paper.

"Do you know why it took so long for the train to come?"

He nodded.

"There was no justice."

At saying which he went back to reading the news. Aubrey then thought about this answer and liked it. And she thought of how long it took.

Thank you, Mr. Super-awesome-crime-fighting-detective-guy.

And for a moment, as the train entered a bright, warm and blissful light, she felt like he had heard her. And he was welcome.


Mr. Whithers was sitting in a coffee shop reading the newspaper. He took a sip of his Mocha Locha Tocha Chapocha and wiped off his milk moustache. Then, from somewhere behind him he heard a whispering thank you waft by. And his heart became warm and he felt the urge to laugh. It was now, that he finally realized, that Aubrey was now at peace.

The End

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