Case ClosedMature

Well, thats that... Grace did it...

That poor girl.

Levi and her both went to prison.

Bad news, Grace's baby will be born in a prison medical center.

Good news, Grace will be allowed to leave prison as soon as her baby is born.

I pulled some strings for her. I couldn't help it.

No one showed any resentment towards Grace either, when they saw her, they just said hi and she said sorry, and...yeah. Stacey had changed too.

Everyone would remember this experience.

The thing that made me feel really good about the whole thing was, as soon as Grace gets out of prison, so will Levi. They planned together to raise the baby together. Brandon just flipped when he found out he had a kid, but he made Grace swear to never let him see it. He knew he'd be a bad parent.

Grace and Levi are technically married, and if not, they sure will be. They love each other, it's easy to see.

As horrible as this is, I'm glad that it ended out this way. If anyone else had done it, it would have been different.

I'm so glad that I could help, solve the murder, and change everyone.

I picked up my casebook, smiling as I opened it.

Then I wrote the words I had so been looking forward to,

Case Closed

The End

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