The Closing of the CaseMature

I ran around the bend, and saw a piece of...fur? I picked it up, "Fur? From Stacey's halloween costume."

Then I spotted her, she had tripped and was rolling down the hill.

I ran down after her.

When she spotted me she got up and tried to run away.

But I was too quick. I tackled her to the ground.

"Get off me you sicko!" she screamed.

I put her on her back, readying to put handcuffs on.

"Stop touching me!" she screamed again.

"Stacey you need a good slap in the face." I yelled.

"What are you talking about?"

I threw my handcuffs to the side. Then I picked her up and put her on my shoulder.

Before she could scream, I threw her on the ground in front of me. I couldn't stand her...

I slapped her across the face, hard. She didn't cry, but she looked shocked.

"How dare-"

I slapped her again, I was furious.

"Stacey! Cool it! Don't you see that no one likes you?! You have no friends! Everyone hates you, thats why Brandon broke up with you. You think that everyone is checking you out. They ain't! You aren't attractive." I yelled, not even thinking.

Stacey looked at me as if I had just ripped out her heart, "No... no no no! I am pretty!"

"Other boys your age would think you were pretty, but none would think you were attractive. You're a slut!"

The words hit her like a freight train.

"You're right..." she whispered.

"What?" I rubbed my eyes, "Did she just say I was right?!" I thought.

"I'm a screw up..." she buried her face in her hands.

"Yeah, kind of." I said plainly, "But you can do something about it!" then it hit me...


"What?" she asked, looking up.

"I... I know who did this... it... it wasn't you..."

"Who?! Who?!" she asked, starting to stand up.

I took off.

She didn't bother running after me...


"What are we doing here detective?" Levi asked.

I looked at the suspects. Levi Kong, who was standing by Grace, who was standing by Brandon, who was standing by Dillon, who was standing by James, who was standing by Stacey.

Dillon looked over at Stacey, "Because Stacey drugged me!!"

Brandon's eyes widened, "Stacey! You did drug me!"

"No I didn't! I didn't!" Stacey screamed, covering her ears, "I'm sorry okay?! For everything!"

Everyone turned their heads and looked at Stacey, "Huh?" they hummed in unison.

"She can talk to you guys later." I said, half smiling at Stacey.

"So why are we-" Brandon began.

"Because. I solved the case."

Everyone started to whisper to each other.

"I know who murdered Aubrey..."

Three cops came out from behind me, "There's no escaping." I said, smiling.

I reached out and grabbed Brandon's arm, "Sorry boy... it's over..."

"What??!" he yelled, "I DIDN'T DO IT!"

"Brandon... I'm sorry... but I have all the evidence I need to prove it."

"But...but you said I was innocent."

"You never believed that..."

Brandon started to cry, "I did... I did kill her..."

Suddenly, I heard a voice say, "NO!"

I turned and it was Grace, "Grace it's okay..." Brandon said.

Grace looked desperate, "NO! It wasn't Brandon! It couldn't have been... IT WASN'T!"

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

Levi spoke up, "Brandon would never hurt anybody!"

"He beats you up all the time." Dillon scoffed.

"No he doesn't! He's my friend, no matter what he says."

Stacey looked up, "What?!"

Brandon sighed, "Might as well let the cat out of the bag."

I rolled my eyes, "Not now. I gotta take you to court."

"But... Brandon wouldn't hurt a fly!" Grace yelled.

"Grace, I am positive that Brandon-"


There was silence.


"I KILLED AUBREY!" Grace screamed, not letting up.

"I know." I said, winking.


"I knew. This was a test." I pushed Brandon towards Grace.

They embraced, but only for a second.

The cops grabbed Grace and started to pull her in.


I was in the interrogation room.

"Grace... tell me the whole story." I held up a recorder, "Now."

Grace told me the whole story... and it went something like this...

The End

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