Stacey: competitionMature

So I totally wrecked my new kitten heels running from Dillon the He-She Tramp's house. It had been easy as to find, and it wasn't as if I actually wanted to kill her or anything. So I don't see what the big deal is. I just wanted her to have some fun... is that such a crime?

Ok. So maybe I'm like a little more drunk than usual. But that's not like it matters really-I mean, I only wanted to teach that little slut a lesson- she can't just try to get off with my boyfriend. Mine. And when Brandon made that big deal out of my quick word with that little tart- well, she'd just think she could walk all over me. Me. As if, little loser. So I went to her's and was all 'hey he-she do you want a burger? itll make you even fatter but its not like you can save yourself now' and she was all 'get out my house leave me alone' and I could tell she was scared. She kept looking me up and down, as if she'd never seen a girl in a halloween costume before. And so I was like 'what are you some lesbian cos dont flatter yourself id never even give you a chance' (I mean- I don't really go in for other girls. I tried that time at Jennifer De Laney's and frenched Rebecca Allen's cousin but I couldn't handle it- I have to be the gorgeous one in a relationship) and she was all 'what?' and thenI got angry, just looking at her. She just looked so pathetic. I shoved the drugs down her throat without really thinking. But then that detective turned up and I could tell he'd know I was like "up to no good" and he was looking down my corset too. Pervert. So I ran because I heard about what actually happened to Kerr to get him in jail in the first place. And with this neighbourhood there's probably like twenty rapists just knocking about.

But it's not like I killed that girl, if that's what he thinks. As if. Why would I? It's not like she was any competition to me. I had the prize. She had nothing. Ha.

The End

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