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I laughed, watching Grace and Brandon embrace, "Nice as Grace is, this is giving me some suspicion. But also, I'm losing faith that Brandon had nothing to do with anything. I mean, he can't remember the night of the party. Someone drugged him, but who? They drugged him twice, not to mention. Once at his house, and most likely one at the party...unless... the second drug was a "Rtipho" drug. Thats the name I gave it, cause the real word is much too long.

A Rtipho drug could have blocked his memory for more than a week... I'll have to ask him if he can remember the night before the party. If he can, he was drugged at the party, and then drugged again later for frame. But if he was only drugged at the house, then it was just to block his memory. But why block his memory?

Good question...

I sighed. I was really tired of this case.

Luckily I didn't have to see that creature's face again, Mr. Kerr I mean.

I decided to go see Dillon, since, well, I hadn't seen her in a while.


Before I could even knock on her door, it flew open.

It was Stacey. I was shocked.

"Uhh..." she stuttered.

I knew what was going on, I pushed her against the wall and walked in, "Where's Dillon?" I asked sharply.

"She's upstairs-"

I grabbed her by the collar and pulled her to my face, "What did you do to her?"

"How do you know I did anything?!?" she screamed.

"That would take way too long to explain." I whispered, almost stinging her with my tongue.

I dropped her to the ground then ran up the stairs.

I flew open the door and saw Dillon on the bed, knocked out.

There were drugs laying on the nightstand. I turned around and ran down the stairs, taking out my gun.

Stacey was gone. Vanished.

She ran.

"It all makes sense now!" I yelled, running out the door. She drugged Brandon so he'd forget about Dillon, then she released Mr. Kerr... she killed Aubrey because Brandon was in love with her.

"Now I just have to find her! I yelled.

I ran down the road, looking desperately for her. I knew she didn't have a car, so she had to run.

To my surprise, I saw Grace walking down the pavement to a house, "Hey Grace!" I yelled, "Did you see Stacey?"

"What about her? She's my neighbor." Grace smiled.

"She killed Aubrey."

Grace's mouth dropped, "It was her?" Grace felt her head and slowly got on the ground, taking deep breaths...

I sighed, "I know how she feels."

Then I thought, "I need to think like Stacey, where would I go if I was caught for murder..."

I took off running down the road. I was going to catch Stacey and close this case. I was done playing games...

The End

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