Brandon: You have a Secret Admirer.Mature

I sat in another jail cell. This was the second time this month. I was hoping that this would be the last time. But, then, I wasn't sure if I would get out this time. That is, until Mr. Whithers came to visit me. He brought a man in a light brown suit.

"This is your attorney, Mr. Quear."

"I didn't hire a attorney, and he doesn't look like a court appointed attorney."

Mr. Whithers shook his head. "Brandon, sometimes you amaze me. You are a lot smarter than your reputation suggests."

I wanted to thank him, but I didn't know if that was a compliment or not. I decided to keep my mouth shut. I just smiled.

"Let's just say you have a secret admirer," Mr. Whithers said, taking a step back, allowing Mr. Quear to speak.

"Mr. Whithers doesn't think you killed Aubrey." I smiled again. The attorney continued: "And, we think we can keep you out of jail. If you don't screw up again."

"But, I killed Mr. Kerr." This wasn't a court of law, so I felt saying that wouldn't make matters worse.

"You were protecting an officer of the law," Mr. Quear replied. "If you do go jail in the end, this fact will lessen the sentence. My hopes, though, are a little better than that."

"In the meantime," Mr. Whithers spoke up. "You are released on bail."

"I don't have any money."

"Once again," Mr. Whithers said, "your admirer came to the rescue."

"How much was the bail?"

"$5,000," Mr. Quear responded.

On my way out of the police station, I was met by Grace. I should have known it was her. "You shouldn't have done that," I told her.

"I couldn't let you stay in there after how you helped me and countless others. Mr. Kerr needed to be stopped."

There wasn't much I could say in return to that. So, I just thanked her, giving her a long hug. 

The End

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