Mr. Kerr: The Afterlife... pt. 2Mature

"We began walking down the street to the party. The moon shone so bright. Everything was so great, so happy, so perfect. It was just me and him, perfectly together. We made it to the party, and everyone was having a good time, I felt so happy. So we began to dance."

I nodded.

"And, what happened next?"

"Well, him and I ended getting split up after (name bleeped) escorted me to a different area of the house. Here there were a bunch of people smoking weed and doing E. Then I saw h**, (name bleeped), **e was just sitting there when some guy offered h** a hit of E. **e just laughed and took it. I was so disgusted at h**."

"What happened after that?"

(To be continued.)

The End

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