Mr. Kerr: Afterlife...Mature

I awoke to find myself at a train station. I look around.

There are no doors, just white tile all around, and then there's that train track.

I stand up. I feel a pain in my head and I rub it, when I lower my hands I see them smeared with blood.

"Oh God, I'm dead!"

In the middle of the platform I notice a bench, and on the bench is a girl.

She looks oddly familiar.

I walk towards her. And as I pass the bench at look at her face, I see Aubrey. The stab wounds around her body shock Arnold as he finally takes in where he is.

"Am I in Hell?"

"No, not yet." She said, looking up. "We're waiting."

"For what?"

"For the train to come silly."

I sit down next to her. Yet, I feel no attraction.

"Do you remember the night of your death?"


"Well, maybe if I help you remember the train will come."


"Close your eyes, and tell me what you see. Begin around after you left the classroom after school."

She nodded.

"I walk through the hallways. It seems so empty this late. I go to my locker and open it. I take out my backpack and shove my homework in. Then, I close the locker and leave to go home."

"Then what?"

"As I'm walking home I run into Brandon. He hugs and kisses me, we were seeing eachother in secret. He tells me about this party he's going to I decide to come to. So we go, together."

"Then what?"

(To be continued)

The End

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