The Fall of ArnoldMature

I took a moment to stare at the ugly creature. He had become something even more disgusting then he was before. His hair was messy, and it looked as though he had been cutting himself.

He had just tried to kill Grace.

I was amazed at how easily he could have done it, I mean, even though Grace was a girl, Mr. Kerr was a very wimpy guy.

It was like she was tired or woozy.

But I couldn't think about that right now.

I was going to stop this miserable sadist once and for all...

I slowly took out my gun.

"Come on Whithers... you wouldn't hurt me, would you?" Mr. Kerr said with that creepy, sweaty face.

"Your right, I wouldn't. I would kill you..."

Mr. Kerr brought up his knife and knocked the gun out of my hands.

This took me off guard, so I repositioned myself so I was beside him. Then I brought up two fingers and jabbed them right into his wrist. Mr. Kerr was paralyzed for a split second, so I grabbed the knife from his hand and brought it down into his shoulder.

He screamed in pain, but before he could finish his screams, I threw him against the wall. I pulled out the knife slowly.

"STOP IT!" Mr. Kerr yelled.

"No!" I yelled stabbing him in the chest.

He slumped to the ground, and I got on my knees, ready to finish it.

"I know..."

I punched him in the face as hard as I could, but he continued talking.

"I know who killed...Aubrey..."


"I was planning on helping you..."

"After getting your revenge."

He tried to nod, but just screamed in pain.

"Tell me who it is."

"It was..."

Suddenly, out of nowhere a bullet hit him in the head, killing him.

I looked up and saw a shadowy character disappear from the roof.

"JUST GREAT!" I yelled, climbing up a ladder to the roof.

When I got up, I looked around.

Then I saw the figure again, jumping to the next roof. I ran after the figure, jumping each roof it did in a lot less time. Finally I caught up to the figure and grabbed it by the neck. Throwing it on the ground, I saw the face.

"Brandon?" I whispered sharply, "You shot Mr. Kerr?!"

"I didn't kill Aubrey!" he yelled.

"But you killed Mr. Kerr."

"Yes, but not for the reason you think!"

I sighed, "Brandon, why do you have to complicate things?!"


"I was going to charge Mr. Kerr with murder, and because he'd be dead I wouldn't need to go to court."

"But you can still-"

"It's different now!! Don't you get it? Now I'll have to charge you!"

"What?! Why?!"

"I have only 48 hours until the case will be handed over to my boss. He'll charge you right off the bat. And now he has even more evidence, you moron!"


He was in the interrogation room, but I had nothing to ask him. He was innocent, I knew it. Just a stupid kid...

The only good thing was, it was no longer Halloween. Thank God, all those kids dressed up in costumes creep me out.

The End

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