Mr. Kerr: Running.Mature

I continued running down the street.

I shouldn't have hesitated.

I turn a corner and continue running.

That was my downfall.

Then I find myself at the school.

But, soon, all my calculations will be correct. I just need that one wild card taken care of, Grace.

I run down an alley way and begin to criss-cross my way through the streets. Then, I see her, walking alone. I scoff. Then, I bolt for her, she barely sees me comming as I slam right into her, pushing her into a dark alley where there is no light. Then, holding one hand to her mouth, I fish a knife out of my pocket and lay it upon her neck.

"Goodbye, Grace."

Then a fist collides with my chin as I fly backwards. I look at my attacker, barely noticing Grace running away. I stand up, and flash my knife. But, my attacker didn't care. Because, my attacker was Mr. Whithers.

"No, goodbye to you, Arnold Kerr."

The End

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