Brandon: "Call the Police!"Mature

I decided not to go out for Halloween. I never really liked the holiday, anyway. Why would I want to be someone else if I am perfect just the way I am?

I sat in the living room watching a re-run of Home Improvement. I switched the channel. The news was on. I watched it for a moment. And, just as I had decided that the local news was boring, the door bell rang.

When I opened the front door, I saw Mr. Kerr pointing a gun at my face. I didn't react. Well, at least I didn't try to. I tried to keep my voice calm.

"Hello Mr. Kerr. Are you having a nice Halloween?"

"Shut up, Boy!" He shook the gun, taunting me. "I blame that stupid girl Grace, but I'll get to her soon enough."

I could feel my emotions starting to turn upside down. I fought them back. 

"Please, think about what you are about to do?" I put both of my hands up, palms facing Mr. Kerr. "Do you really want to be in more trouble?"

"I'm in so much," Mr. Kerr replied, "that it doesn't matter what I do now. A couple of murders may even make me famous." He grinned. "Besides, maybe I can get a few more of y'all before I am caught. I'm a pretty smart guy, you know."

"I'm sure you are, Mr. Kerr." I didn't know what else I could say to him. At this point I realized that words weren't going to help, so I began looking for other means of resolving the situation. I wasn't worried about over powering him, for I am much stronger than him. I was worried about a lucky shot. I didn't think I could stop him from getting a shot off. But, then, Mr. Kerr gave me the moment I was looking for.

"Well, let me tell you something, Mr. I'm-Better-Looking-Than-Everyone-Else." As he said this, his gazed shifted off me, and the gun was no longer pointing for my vital organs. Instead, it was pointed at my feet. I decided now was the only time I would probably get. 

I rushed forward toward him. By the time he realized what I was doing, I was in the middle of tackling him. He tried to bring the gun up, but I made sure that my grip on him was tight. We weren't going anywhere but down. Mr. Kerr landed on his back. I laid there on top of him, struggling to keep the gun pointed in a safer direction.

My grip wasn't as good as I wanted, and Mr. Kerr jerked his entire body, knocking me off of him. And, worse yet, he still had the gun firmly in his grip. He miscalculated my speed, though. For as he brought the gun up to shoot me, I swung my left leg around, kicking the gun from his hand. I wasn't fast enough to prevent the shot, though. Thankfully, it went harmlessly into the air.

Several lights from the neighbors came on. The next door neighbor came out onto his front porch.

"Call the Police!" I yelled. 

Mr. Kerr was scrambling for the gun, which was a little too far for him to get to. He was crawling on all fours. I jumped up. I came around so I could kick him in his side. I kicked with more strength than I knew I had myself. Mr. Kerr fell to his side, hugging himself, screaming. 

I went to the gun and picked it up. I looked back at the house of the neighbor who had just stepped out onto his porch. He had gone back inside to get his cell phone. He was back on the porch, talking to someone on the other end. I ran toward him. If he or I had been anyone else, he probably wouldn't have trusted me with a gun. I figured two against one with me having the gun was pretty good odds.

I stood next to Mr. Greer, the neighbor. I leaned against the porch post, listening to Mr. Greer answer the dispatcher's questions. Mr. Kerr still laid in my yard. Soon, he was able to get up to a kneeling position. He looked up at me with eyes full of hate. I was not pointing the gun at him, but I did have it firmly in my hand.

Mr. Kerr managed to stand up. He looked at me and the neighbor for a few seconds. Then, I guess he decided that the odds weren't in his favor. He ran off down the street. A few seconds later, I heard sirens. 

The End

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