Stacey: you will PayMature

I watched Mr Kerr walk off hastily. I have no idea what he had done-Mole had talked to us in assembly about being responsible, reporting crimes. That school is so God awful, we have to have lectures on crime. Still. I can easily handle myself. Speaking of which, I turned to the young dipstick who was "guarding" Kerr and the cell. He was all 'so whats this treat you promised me?' and so I took off my coat. Of course I'd changed before I came. I have two halloween parties to go to, and I couldn't just turn up in any old thing. I only wear my bunny costume out once a year, and judging by "call me ralph"'s face it still had the same effect. I hitched up my corset and walked off, swinging the cell's keys and dropping them by the door.

I couldn't see Brandon at Freddy Wallace's house party. I saw Thom, who was after a repeat of Wednesday afternoon in the locker room. Hm. He was quarterback... but not the top. I needed Brandon. Of course I didn't want him killed. I just wanted Kerr to get to him, mess with him. Brandon was strong-there was a higher chance of Kerr dying out of the two of them. And then Brandon would wake in hospital and I'd be there. The story about Dillon the He-she would be over. I don't even know why he cared. I could tell from the start she was a little tramp. And I heard from Ffion about Grace. What a loser. Assuming Brandon would go with her. Slut.

As we left to go to Danielle Gregor's party in the town centre, I heard fighting and screaming. The usual on an evening in the centre-have you seen the state of these clubs? Some stopped as I walked past-I'd left my coat off. As if any of them could get me. Me.

Dream on, boys.

The End

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