Mr. Kerr: A hint of salvation...Mature

I was sitting in my cell, trying to graph eight different lines in a three dimensional planes and finding their intersections.

Man, I'm smart, but twisted. How could I have been caught. I made sure that Brandon was at practise, I didn't expect Mr. Harab to let him off so soon.

Then, I heard a voice in the distance.

"Hey, so, I'm like here to see, umm, Mr. Kerr."

"Ok, just down the hallway, be careful."

My interest was officially piqued.

Who would want to see me, and was that Stacey?

Then, Stacey came to the bars.

"Hey, Mr. Kerr. I have a deal, and you should listen before it goes away."

I stood up and walked forward to the bars.

"How did you get in?"

She wiped her hair out of her eyes.

"You have no idea what people will do for the dumb, blonde girl. Now, here's the deal. I'll help you break out, and you my friend will kill Brandon."

I thought it over in my mind, the pros and cons, and how I could get around my end of the bargain. I quickly came to a decision.

"Sure, how did you plan on getting me out?"

"Watch, and learn."

At this she left, she then began talking to the guard about nothing inparticular. Then, there appeared to be tension in the conversation, then she said something about meeting. Then, footsteps. Then, she came back, and she had keys in her hand.

"That guard is going to be sorely disappointed. Now, come out."

She then unlocked the door and I walked out. But, I had just one question before I could go on.

"Did you kill Aubrey?"

"I'm not going to tell you. Use your imagination, just go, go."

And without further prompting I ran, fast. And I ran out of the building, free at last.

The End

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