I Hate This CaseMature

Well everything has just gotten complicated. Mr. Kerr tried to rape Grace, though, that was why I let him go, to wait for him to do something stupid so I could lock him away in a cell.

Also, I discovered that James had nothing to do with drugs... nothing... at all... my hunch was wrong. James didn't sell drugs to anyone, he's just an angry little kid.

So that means that the person who drugged Brandon, also must have broken into James house and left drugs there, to frame him. Well, either that or James's parents used drugs.

I decided that the best thing to do would be to just clear people off my list till I was left with one more.

James was diffidently still a suspect, no doubt about it. So, so far, I have cleared NO ONE off my list. Good start.


Who knew there could be so many dirty kids at one school?

Stacey, yeah that little slut, was talking to me like she was the boss.

She was saying stuff like, "What if you killed her?" and crap like that.

I felt like beating the heck out of her.

Unfortunately, my anger got the best of me. I took away the necklace she had on her neck, and tossed it out the window. It broke when it hit the ground. Then Stacey started crying like a spoiled brat.


"Can't check her off my list." I sighed as I opened the doors.

"You." a voice said.

I turned and looked at Mr. Kerr, who was sitting on a bench in his cell.

"Hello you miserable little sadist. Or should I say rapist?"

"Both apply..." Mr. Kerr laughed.

"Well I'm happy to see you dropped your little sham."

"What sham?"

"Saying you didn't have any contact with Aubrey outside of school."

"Whatever! You can't judge me."

"I don't need to. The judge already did. I hope that you're a slow reader. Cause you only got one book in here. And you'll be in here for twenty years."

"No I won't. I never actually raped that Grace girl-"

"Cause you didn't get the chance!" I yelled angrily.

"Let me finish. And Aubrey and I had mutual sex. She wanted it just as much as me."

"But for different reasons. Aubrey wanted Brandon to find out, so Brandon would beat the crap out of you. Which," I chuckled, "we now know, he can do."

Mr. Kerr gave me a hateful look.

"And, Aubrey wanted you to give her good grades. You on the other hand, enjoy having sex with young girls."

"Ha! You wouldn't get it."

"I'm glad." I said, my smile disappearing, "Explain to me Mr. Kerr, why don't you just find a girl, a girl your age, and get married. Then you get what you want, without breaking the law."

"Because, I like young girls-"

Before he could finish, I brought my fist across his face, sending him back into the wall.

He charged at me, trying to throw a punch. It was pathetic really. I took out my gun and hit him on the back of the neck with the butt of the gun. He fell on the floor, not moving.

I sighed and put my gun away. I got down on my knees and felt his arm, "He's got a pulse." I thought.

"Soft hands. Kind of remind me of Aubrey's..."

I kicked him in the face and walked out of the cell, "Your decision, stay in here for life. Or come out in twenty years and be killed." as I said this I spun my pistol around.

I put it into it's holster, and walked out.


I really wanted to charge Mr. Kerr with murder, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to do that...yet.

I decided the next best thing to do, would be to talk to Grace.

I needed to get some more information about the situation.


I knocked on Grace's door and waited.

The door opened, and Grace's mother stood before me.

I flipped out my badge, "James Whithers, detective."

"I know who you are. Grace told me about you."

"Hope she said kind things." I smiled.

"Want to see her?"


"GRACE!" she called.

"What?" the distant voice shouted.

"Mr. Whithers is here to see you."

"Be right there!"

I checked out Grace's house. It was big, she was rich. Very rich, and she didn't try to look it at school. If she wanted, she could have a makeover every week to make her look pretty. Guess she's a lot different then Stacey.

"I don't have any evidence on Grace...yet... and usually, it's the most unlikely that do it." I said to her mom.

Grace's mom looked shocked, "Grace would never-"

"Yes she  would. Anyone would kill anyone."

"But Grace-"

"Grace loved Aubrey, understood. Means nothing to me. At all."

"Mr. Whithers-"

"I do understand."

"Please stop-"

"Doing that?"


Grace came up behind her mom, smiling slightly, "He can read minds mom."

Grace's mom looked at me, "You-"

"Can? Yes."

Her mom started to relax and smile, "Well, I'll leave you alone to-" she paused.

I waited.

"talk." she said cautiously as she began to walk inside. Then she giggled as she closed the door.

"Your mom is interesting."

"Yes. She is." Grace laughed, sitting on a bench on the porch.

"How did your dad die?"

"How'd you-"

"Know?" I said, trying my best not to chuckle, "Well don't you-"

"know? Yes. I know you can 'read minds'."

"You're catching on." I winked.

Grace giggled.

I returned to a serious face, "Grace, what happened to your father?"

The End

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