James: I hate this guyMature

So there I was in the slammer with a busted out leg. And what for? For supposedly dealing drugs. Yeah, like I'd touch the damn things. My folks would know and confiscate them before I could take them. And the list? A list of names of people I needed to talk to about getting parts for my bike. But then of course there's the question of why I ran when the cop turned up. Well I'll tell you why...It's cos I'd glassed Mr. Brandon not so long ago and I thought it was because of that, how the hell was i supposed to know that the dude thought i was a bloody crack head. Sighing I rested my head against the cell wall and looked at the ceiling,
"You can go over the house with as fine a tooth comb as you want mate but the only drugs you're gonna find in the house are the ones in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Oh yeah and I hate you"
The next day the Inspector comes to the cell where I was and motioned for me to follow him. Funnily enough he led me to the booking out area where I got all my belongings back and where my parents were waiting,
"It was nice meeting you Inspector" I hissed, "Good luck with catching Aubrey's killer." And without another word I left with my parents.
Of course on the way home my parents wanted to know why I'd been in a cell over night and they thought it as funny as me. I did find the list later that evening it had slipped between two pages of my school notebook. Sitting at my computer desk I played games till my mom called me down to the phone, it was one of my mates who worked part time at the scrap yard calling to let me know that he'd managed to save me some of the pieces i needed and roughly how much it'd be for them. After thanking him I pulled on my coat and walk-limped my way to the scrap yard which was five minutes from my house.

The End

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