Stacey: her? seriously?Mature

I felt I was ready to forgive Brandon the next day, even though he was running along to some other girl on Wednesdays. I'd find out sooner or later, but for now I no longer felt the need for revenge. (I'd found Thom Landry in the guys' locker room and got back at Brandon there.) I made it clear to Brandon that I forgave him and he was willing to give back. I could tell he was sorry-he stuck his hand up my shirt. I saw that Grace Whatsherface giving me this death stare. Oh, I'm really sorry. Some kids just don't like watching people having lives. You can tell a freak like her has never been felt up. Why would any guy go there? She has absolutely no shape. Freak.

Brandon still seemed a little out of it so I was all 'are you taking something for your pecks cos like it isnt working' and he was all 'no im just thinking' which I know is a lie. He was thinking about his little skit on the side. Brandon moved away to get to homeroom- he seemed a bit keen, like he needed to talk to Mr Kerr (Ha. He never gives a damn for lessons.) and that's when I saw her. Dillon Something. Look at her, all innocent. I know what she did-little tramp.

I said to Ffion and Chloe that I'd see them later, and walked over to the little slut, who was putting away her books. I said 'i can see right though your lies' and she was like 'what are you on about?' but I could tell she was getting worried. There was a little sweat on her top. Gross. I felt embarassed that Brandon could go to her. I shoved her arm against the locker and leaned in to her ear and hissed 'listen you little freak, i know you were with brandon and youre never going to go there again or i will make you pay' and she was all nervous and 'i didnt mean to im sorry'. Blah. Blah. I pushed her back and her books fell out. I was all 'mind where youre going.' She bent down to pick up everything and her tampons fell out of her bag. Pathetic. I was all 'i doubt you need those. you have a boy name and i reckon you are one. post op is it?' I decided that was enough. She'd never move a toe out of line again.

The End

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