Stacey: do you Know who I am?Mature

So it turns out a girl was murdered. On Saturday. It was that little tart who went out with Brandon. Aubrey... I still can't remember her name. Aubrey Dead. That'll do for now.

So I got called in to see this inspector dude, who started asking all these questions about where was I on Saturday night between the hours of whatever. And I rolled my eyes and said I was at the party and I didn't take any drugs. (Even though I did, but how does this dude think he can prove anything? It was just the one E, nearly everyone had one. I took my first drug when I was twelve-so shoot me. Like I care.) The guy was totally looking down my top the whole time he was asking me things. As if. He looked like he hadn't got some in years. What a loser.

So after school I saw Brandon and I was like 'why are you always busy on wednesdays after school' because it's not as if he has football practise then. And then he was all 'i dont have to tell you everything' and I bet it's another girl. But I don't care, he'll have a quickie and then come crawling back to me. He always does. This girl obviously isn't fulfilling his needs if you think about what we get up to on Thursdays after school. Still, I did feel a bit angry. As if I needed to let off steam, settle the field, let Brandon know I'm on Top. I could make out with the next kid I saw...

So I went back to the computing rooms because I know that's where Brandon knocks the Kong kid after class and he takes another ten minutes picking things up. Ha. This'll really show Brandon. So I undid another button of my shirt and went it. I can't believe Kong though, he wasn't playing along. I walked up to him ans shoved him against the wall and frenched him, but he pushed me back. Me. So I said 'do you know who i am?' and he was all 'somebody was murdered how can you be so unaffected' and so I grabbed my bag and muttered 'queer freak' and walked off. I know the girl's been murdered, I'm not stupid. But what does it have to do with me?

The End

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