Levi: MAGICMature

"It'll all be alright -- eventually. Time heals." I said to Grace,  then walked off to class. I hate to see her so depressed, but I don't think I can really help her that much-I mean, her best friend is dead.

After class, I walked back over to my locker. Brandon bumped into me again, and put another note into my book. MAGIC

So I guess we'll be meeting today. Brandon, he secretly plays MAGIC, he's pretty good at it too. Every once in a while I head over to his house and play a few games. Instead off actually telling me at school, he just gives me notes, cause he has a "Reputation. He can't be seen talking to a geek" like me. Oh well, it works I guess.

I figure he just goes out with Stacy because of his Rep too. I don't know how he stands her, Stacy just makes me sick.

 Aubrey was nice. Too bad she's dead.

The End

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