Drug DealerMature

October 26, 2009

I'd be having a very hard time. With all the interviews and stuff, it'd be getting quite tiring walking back and forth between students.

I even considered letting Brandon take the fall, even though I wasn't quite sure if it was him. This consideration didn't stay long though.


It was time to go to see this James kid.

I got his address from the principal.

When I got to his house, I looked around at the skateboards laying around. I could tell he was one of those kids who just buys a new skateboard every week.

I walked to the front door and knocked.

A teen answered, my guess was James.

I shook his hand, "Hello I'm-"

Before I could finish, he booked it. He slammed the door in my face and was gone.

I frowned, "I didn't want this to get difficult." I sighed as I took out my gun.

I shot the knob of the door off, then kicked the door open.

Luckily, he wasn't standing a couple paces away, holding a shotgun.

I ran down the hallway, looking into every doorway, even into the closets.

Then I saw an open window, "A runaway." I thought as I jumped out the window.

I looked left and right, searching desperately for him.

Then I saw him, running down the road.

I took off after him, aiming my pistol at his legs.

"STOP NOW BEFORE I SHOOT!" I yelled as I gained on him.

James faked left, but ran right.

I aimed carefully, and took my first shot, just as he attempted to climb a fence.

I hit my mark, and he fell to the ground.

I ran over to him and rolled him over, putting handcuffs on him as I repeated the whole, "You have the right to remain silent-" gig.


Back at my office I tried to talk to him, but he just wouldn't talk.

I looked at him closely, trying to get some information on him.

"Don't worry James, this has nothing to do with the drugs you've been selling."

James looked shocked.

I smiled slightly, "Gotcha."

"How'd you know?" James asked.

"It's all over your face."

James felt his face.

"Not like that you idiot." I said, rolling my eyes in disgust.

He sighed.

"James, I know you drugged Brandon."


"Yes, Brandon."


"You ain't lying are ya?"

"Nope." he said, spitting at my feet.

"Tell me James, who have been your current customers? Have a list?"

"Of course." James said, "Every professional drug-"

"Shut up and give me the list." I said angrily.


James and I went over to his house to retrieve the list, but when we got there... nothing.

"It was...right here." he said, looking into the empty drawer.

"Did you move it?"

"No! I didn't... someone broke in!"

"James, you're under arrest."


"For selling drugs you moron!"

I was really getting tired of this kid...


Well I was back in a rut. No leads no nothing.

Forensics came in, but no finger prints of any kind.

Whoever this killer was, they were elaborate.

The End

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