Stacey Grahams.Mature

So the other day we were in the cafeteria and Ffion pointed out this weird dude walking around with Mr Mole. He was all serious-looking and so I guessed, he must have been some inspector. The school's God awful, I wouldn't be surprised if it got closed down sooner or later. The only good thing is how Brandon is now going out with me-he'd finally ditched that other girl he was hanging round with. What was her name? Aubrey....Aubrey Something. I think Smith. Or Saxon. It began with an S. Why should I have to know her name? I'll probably never know her seen as I'm with her man now, ha. 

The only weird thing I noticed that day was that Brandon seemed all evasive in the morning. A bit shifty...I wonder if he took any Es at Yasmina Sullivan's house party last Saturday. God, that was a blast. I hope he doesn't know about Rob- we kind of made out in Yasmina'a bathroom. So what? I was drunk, Ok? Like I'd go out with him. Anyway, I didn't bother asking Brandon what was wrong-he had probably gotten some grief from a teacher, you know what they're like. They actually expect us all to want to learn. I helped Brandon get over whatever it was later after school at his.

This morning Tory was all like 'did you hear?' because apparently some girl got murdered. I have no idea who it was- I wouldn't be surprised if there was a suicide at our school. I mean, that Kong kid? I'd kill myself if I had no friends...but I wouldn't expect a murder. Ew.

The End

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