Horrible LiarMature

October 25, 2009

I went back to the school today. I just didn't have time to sit around and think, I needed to find more suspects.

Mr. Mole directed me to Aubrey's home room teacher, Mr. Kerr.

The second I entered the room, the lies rolled in.

It seemed as if he was just lying at EVERY question I threw at him.

He said that he had no contact with her outside of class. That was the biggest lie of all, I could tell he was lying the second the words left his lips.

They don't call me, "Sharp-Eye James" for nothing! I can tell when people are lying.

Then I picked up on something else. He had been having sexual contact with Aubrey.

You probably are wondering how on earth I'd get that. I'll explain:

He started to sweat when I mentioned Aubrey's name, showing he was afraid that I knew something.

When I asked if he had any contact with her outside of school, his eyes looked towards the top left corner. So he was lying there too.

Then I saw it, his hands were opening and closing, and his body was almost reenacting the sexual contact that he must have had with Aubrey.

Could it have been rape? I wondered that for a while. But I came to the conclusion that Aubrey was just trying to make Brandon jealous...which in turn, could lead to Brandon killing her... but on the other hand, Aubrey could have used this "sexual contact" as leverage over Mr. Kerr. Mr. Kerr is married after all, either that or that marriage ring on his finger is just for looks.

Luckily, my boss let Brandon back into the classroom, to see if I could get any more information.

I did notice a kid, don't know his name, but I thought  I heard someone call him James. He seemed to have some resentment towards Brandon, but I don't know enough about him to say anything. I'm going to have to go to his house, when I get around to it.


The End

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