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So Aubrey was dead? Must say that I wouldn't have really noticed. But then very little of what goes on at this tip of a school actually bothers me to make notice. Though i was intrigued by the Cop. He was certainly making a name for himself in my books, all ready he'd talked to several other people including that stuck model Brandon Roth. Jeez, couldn't the guy make it anymore obvious that he had more silicon in his body that Katie Price? Seriously. Some of us actually work to look good. As usual for this time of week I had to sit through Mr. Kerr's ever so enlightening (!) maths lesson and to be truthfully honest with you...I think I actually fell asleep though I did catch something about circles and sums. Once the bell had gone Kerr's voice was lost in the din and desperate rush of everyone to get the hell outta the class but odds on it was something about homework. 

Come the end of the  day I got home and was actually glad to get out of my uniform, sometimes i wonder why i even bother going to school. Don't get me wrong I don't act like a complete and total prick because I'm a general pain in the ass to society, unlike Roth, but its just that I know all this stuff all ready. I ate it for breakfast as a kid, with thanks to a University mathematics lecturer for a father. Mom's brainy as hell too though its hard to see why she gave up her career in law just to have me? God knows i've told her to get her bar exam now that I'm old enough to look after myself and I think the idea is starting to grow on her but that may just be because of the money it'd bring in and me and dad know all about the re-decoration of the house she so desperately wants. Changing into my old gear I head for the garage and am glad there's no-one home cos it gives me some quality lone time. Hitting the open switch on the door I pull off the dust sheet which protects the bike underneath. I found it in a pile for scrappage but thought I'd rescue it and so I did but the thing was so old and  rusty that the engine spat out dust. Anyway I'm working on my Bike license and am under the proviso I can keep this bike if I look after it properly and drive responsibly. Which is why I'm fitting it together with new or new-ish parts out of my own allowance.  Fitting the bits to the bike and what not is kinda theraputic for me and soon I'm lost in a world of my own until my dad's car drives up alongside and toots the horn. Apparently he'd finished early and picked mom up to go shopping for tea so finishing with the bike for that evening I pull the dust sheet back over and head upstairs for a shower to get ready for dinner

The End

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