Magic, eh?Mature

October 24, 2009

Well, before going to Brandon's house, I decided to look into this whole MAGIC business.

I walked through the front door of the school, and walked straight to the principal's office.

As I walked I thought.

" this person a magician? Is this person implying they killed Aubrey with, magic? No, no, no."

I entered the principal's office. The principal looked up and put out his hand, "Nice to see you again, Detective Whithers."

I ignored his greeting, "You like magic, Principal Mole?"

Mole's eyes got wide, "What?"

I pulled out the note, "Someone slipped this piece of paper in my pocket." I handed it to him.

He looked it over. I could tell he knew something.

"Whithers, are you trying to accuse me of killing a student?" he said, sounding quite sharp.

I bent over the desk, "Should I? Mole, this is a murder investigation, so I can be as tough as I want. If I think you did it, cooperate."

Mole nodded, collecting himself, "Right right. Well let me just say I had nothing to do with this."

"Right." I said, leaving the room.


He wasn't any help. So I went to Brandon's house.

I knocked.

No answer.

I knocked again.

Still no answer.

I sighed, getting ready to leave.

Then I heard it, footsteps.

"He's home." I thought. I knocked again, this time very hard.

"Who is it?" a voice said, sounding drowsy.

"Detective James Whithers."

"Oh not you again!" the voice said, suddenly sounding angry.

"Let me in, now."

"No! Get outta here."

My hand ran down my face, as the stress began to build inside of me, "Brandon, open the door now! Before I break it down."

"I'd like to see you-"

Before he could even finish his sentence, I kicked the door down.

I was expecting to see him under the fallen door. But he was standing a couple paces away, holding what seemed to be a big shotgun.

I slowly put my hand in my back pocket, readying to pull out my gun, "Brandon, put the gun"

"There's one benefit about all this." I thought, "It's pretty obvious who killed Aubrey."

Brandon looked at me angrily, well, sort of. He looked really drowsy, "No! I'm gonna shoot" he cussed at me.

I quickly brought up my gun and took a shot. The bullet whisked by his head.

The sound of the gun startled him, and he fired as well.

I dove to my left and rolled, not feeling any pain.

I lifted my gun a second time and fired, another horrible shot.

Brandon fired at me again, luckily he had even worse aim then me.

I jumped to my feet and charged at him.

He readied to shoot again, but I grabbed the gun too quick.

I hit him with the butt of it, and he fell against the wall behind him, unconscious.


I tied him to a chair while he was out. I took this time to look around, for any more proof of his guilt. When I was in his room, I discovered something. Drugs. Tons of it.

"Why'd he drug himself? He doesn't look the type..." I wondered.


My boss, Randal, was very excited when I told him what had happened.

"Case closed!" he yelled excitedly.

"No. Not exactly."

"Yes. Yes exactly!" he said, "Can't you see? He drugged himself cause he was so upset over what he did, then you showed up, and he tried to shoot you. Case closed!"

"No. I don't think he drugged himself...I think someone else drugged him. And I know what drugs do to you...they change you..."

"Yeah yeah. Well unless you get a confession from someone else, I'm sending this one to prison."

"But sir-"

"No buts! Now go to your office! I have a new case for you."

"What is it?"

"You need to prove a man's guilt of selling drugs."

I rolled my eyes, I hated those cases.

"No. I'm not done with this one yet!"

"If I say you are, then you are."

I walked out of the building without another word. I was not sending Brandon to jail for something he may have not done.


I went to Levi Kong's house, to see what info I could pull up.

I knocked, and this time, someone answered.

It was Levi's mom, at least, that's who it looked to be.

"Hello." she said.

"I am Detective James Whithers."

"OH right! About that poor girl Aubrey, right?"


"Levi told me that you may be coming by." she said, shaking my hand, "I'm his mother."

"May I speak with Levi?"

"Of course. LEVI!" she called.

Levi was down in an instant.


"Levi, why'd you put that card that said, 'MAGIC' on it, in my pocket?" I asked. You see, I was looking at his eyes to see if he remembered it, or not.

Levi's eyes got wide, "How'd you know?"

"I didn't. Till now."

Levi frowned, "What?"

"What's up with this whole magic thing?

Levi began to blabber on about something with Brandon. Something about Brandon always putting little notes in Levi's pocket that said, 'MAGIC'.

"So why'd you put it in my pocket? To tease me?"

"No! It's just, I think Brandon did it. That's all. But I was just too nervous to say that. So I put it in your pocket, hoping you'd find some of Brandon's finger prints on it, and then-"

"You'd frame Brandon?"

"It's not framing! I was just pointing you in the right direction."

"Son, you are now my number one suspect."

"What? Why?"

"Cause you were framing Brandon!"

"But you said that I didn't kill her!"

"Who says you weren't an accomplice."

Levi's eyes got wide, not saying anything.

"I'm done with you."

Levi went inside without another word.


When I got back home, I looked over my files again.

"Brandon didn't do this... he couldn't have... he loved Aubrey, no matter what he says. He dumped her because of his reputation, right? Stacey was more popular... thats all." I thought as I looked over Brandon's file.

This case was really going to test my skills as a detective.

But I was going to find the one who did this, I wasn't going to accuse Brandon of something he didn't do.

Even if it cost me my job.

The End

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