Another SuspectMature

October 23, 2009

Another suspect? How peculiar... I bumped into a kid. A nerdy one. His name was Levi, Levi Kong.

He acted as though he hardly knew Aubrey. But when I told him she was dead, he seemed completely unmoved by the whole thing, like it didn't even matter.

It was like he wasn't surprised at all.

That's when I asked him, "You knew Aubrey, how?"

"Well, I worked with her in science class. That's all." he said, his expression hardly changing. Though, his voice seemed to slightly quiver.

"Did you kill her?" I asked, looking for some hint of his guilt.

"NO! I'D NEVER KILL HER!" he screamed, suddenly losing his cool.

I observed him closely, "You sure aren't lying."

He sighed, a sigh of relief. A little bit too much relief. He knew something he wasn't telling me.

"Where do you live, kid?"

He said nothing.

"Answer me. Now."

Without another word, he pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down his address and phone number.

"Now listen. One of these days I'm going to show up at your house and ask you some serious questions, that you will be prepared to answer! Got it?" I said, trying my best to intimidate him.

He was diffidently intimidated, "Y-yes sir." he stuttered.


When I got home I looked over all my notes. I still wasn't sure if Grace and Dillon were innocent, sure they seemed sad. But I'd be sad too if I had just killed my best friend. Unfortunately, Dillon had to leave town to go to Aubrey's funeral, which was taking place out in the country.

I looked through my files, and came across Brandon, "Oh right. I need to go to his house." I thought to myself.

I reached into my pocket to take out my sticky notes, where I write my To-Do Lists.

I felt a little paper, so I pulled it out. But it wasn't a sticky note.

"What is this?" I thought as I opened it.

It said, "MAGIC"

I quickly threw it under  a scope, and examined for finger prints. Nothing.

"What is this?" I thought again. Why would someone give me a paper that said MAGIC on it?

Unfortunately, whoever put it in my pocket, had used a computer to type it up. So no chance I was going to be able to examine handwriting.

This case, I could tell, was going to get even MORE interesting.

The End

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