October 22, 2009

Well, I am officially lost. I talked to Aubrey's best friend, Grace. And she was broken up about the whole thing. Aubrey's cousin Dillon? THE SAME!

Hmm.. though I did notice something peculiar. Dillon and Grace were friends too. But it's strange. Dillon is a little too tomboyish for Grace, well that's how it looks anyway. Is it possible that maybe Dillon and Grace were both holding a grudge?... is it possible they worked together?

Whatever the case, a boy named Brandon was in the principal's office today at Aubrey's school. Apparently he had been spray painting some stalls in the bathroom, so they sent him home. I asked him briefly if he knew Aubrey, he said no, but I know he's lying. His eyes puffed up like bowling balls when I mentioned Aubrey's death. I'm planning on going to his house tomorrow to question him.

This case has been very puzzling. Usually it takes me an hour at maximum to get a lead, but for now, natta. Zip.

The End

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