Grace O'ConnorMature

October 21, 2009

My name is Grace O'Connor. I am - was, apparently - Aubrey Smith's best friend. We've known each other since Kindergarten, have grown up together, liked the same boys, the whole nine yards. I can't believe what happened to Bree. This had to be the worst day of my life. It all started when that Mr. Whithers came to Tanner High.

I was at my locker, just grabbing my books before 3rd hour. I knew I hadn't seen Aubrey in a few days. I figured maybe she was sick or something, you know, all this H1N1 crap going around lately. We normally talk every day, but ever since Brandon dissed her a month or so ago like that she's been pretty withdrawn. I let her know I was always there for her, but she really didn't seem to want to talk about it just then, so I let her have her space for a bit to "recover".

But this Whithers dude, after he checked in with the office, he just wandered through the hallway, watching everyone. Not like normal people would do if they were looking for someone, I mean, he was like studying everyone. Oh no, he didn't look conspicuous at all (*sarcasm*)! He was a man with a purpose, that was for sure. Now, whether that purpose was of a stalker/rapist nature, I didn't know. Not until I got called to the office after lunch.

I could see through the glass that Mr. Whithers was sitting there in the Principal's office, obviously in a deep conversation with him, two other adults, and another student. A good-looking blonde senior. It was Brandon.  Me and Aubrey had always drooled over him before. No, he's not merely good-looking, he is GORGEOUS! But right now, I couldn't look at him without feeling some disgust at how he rejected Aubrey after she told him how she felt about him. She'd always been the one who had the bigger crush on him out of us, and she became pretty well obsessed with the guy. She had been crushed after he played her, and dumped her when a prettier girl came along. Bree took it hard. She felt like she wasn't good enough. Not pretty enough after that. She was pretty. She wasn't exactly supermodel perfect, but she was beautiful in her own, simple way.

It was after the whole Brandon ordeal that she started to loose weight. She was never fat, but she had curves (which I envied, me having practically no shape whatsoever.) and a little "fluff" around the edges. But she wasn't obese. 

I think she was starving herself. Like an eating disorder thing. Anorexia or Bulimia  or something. She just got skinnier and skinnier as the days went by. Not like a diet with exercise. She was skin and bones. Her cheek bones were sticking out like just skin stretched over a skull. I don't know why she let some stupid boy cause her to do this to herself. There are plenty of guys who would have gone out with her. Seriously.

I sat down and waited in a chair for a few minutes until Brandon came out. His eyes were red, but I don't know if that was because he had been crying or what. He glanced at me momentarily, wiped his face on his sleeve, and with his usual cockiness that made him so attractive, he sauntered out of the office. Like nothing had happened. His parents followed him out shortly.

I took a deep breath and stood to meet Mr. Whithers as the Principal introduces us.

"Hi," he said and offered a hand. "I'm Dectective James Whithers, I'm need to ask you a few questions concerning my current case."

I shook his hand and followed them into the office. They said that my parents had been called and my mom was on her way here to sit in on the interview. Apparently something about not being able to interrogate a minor without parental consent. I don't know. I wasn't really listening. I was too focused on Mr. Whithers. He made me feel uneasy. Like he was accusing me of something I didn't do. I didn't like him.

After mom got there, he started telling me about the case he was assigned to. And then he told me that my best friend was dead. Murdered. I broke down into tears. Why would anyone want to kill Bree? Mr. Whithers said he was going to find out. He sure seemed determined, I'll give him that.


The End

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