The Mystery of Aubrey SmithMature

Aubrey Smith was murdered. Stabbed to death... who did it? Only James Whithers can figure this one out. This action-packed thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

October 21st, 2009

Hello. My name is James Whithers. But call me Mr. Whithers. I'm a detective. I do work with murders, kidnappings, anything you can imagine. I work alone. That's my number one rule.

Current Case:

Turns out a teenaged girl named Aubrey Smith, about 5'5 tall. Skinny. Very skinny. Weighed in at about 105 pounds, was killed. She was stabbed to death. I plan on solving this case before New Years.

I'm going to her high school today to get some information on what she was like, who she hung out with, and who would be out to get her.


I walked into the front door of the school. It was really loud, kids were everywhere! Screaming, laughing. It was chaos city. I walked down the noisy hallway. I was going to find out who did this. No matter what.


The End

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