The Road to My Beginning

My being was numb, but I was one with the road

It was about what I'd left, not where I would go.

As the sun set upon this place where I'd grown

I settled my mind to embrace the unknown.

Like fireflies paired, headlights passed by me all night

Although miles were passed with no other car in sight.

The red eyes of animals and bars open late

Were small red reminders of being red hot irate.

But thankfully my anger had been turned by the chill

From the driver's side window which remained open still.

A cup of coffee at three to keep me alert

And a big cinnamon roll cause I just like dessert.

My mind began slowing at a quarter past four

But by now my mind's focus was on what was in store.

And after I'd driven through the whole damn night

My tears came, pale pink, with the morning's first light.

The End

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