No Fuel

A stop  in the desert.
The fuel tank's dry.

Vultures glare from the nearby trees.
"But we're in a desert.
Who brought the trees!?"
"I don't care, what do we do?"

"Go to the gas station!"
Ah, the gas station,
An Earthly piece of Heaven
Whose angels drive trucks.

So who is the Hero
In this misery?
Who wishes to bring
The cure in a bucket?

Grandma, Lil' Billy
Prove your cred
No more complaining.
Grab a bucket instead.

The choice is made.
A Hero stands up.
To face the Danger
He brings a bucket.

He treks down the road
Thinking of his passengers,
His family
He reaches The Station.

The bucket fills up.
The angels get paid
But not with a tip.

The angels glare
As he heads back.
Heading back to the car
Under imminent attack.

The Hero stops.
The bucket spills on the ground.
His car is empty.
The vultures are full.












The End

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