Crumpled Over

Crumpled over on the side of the road,
Lay a child's teddy bear,
Ears bleeding stuffing, feet swollen,
Wearing a look profoundly sullen,
Head drooped, crying rolling raindrops.

In the tire marks on the wet highway,
Lay all the love left behind to move 'forward'
But if love is timeless why must it stay
Within the lover's heads today,
To fester apart and to slowly bruise them.

The roads are filled with teddy bears,
And flattened roses, fallen spares,
Everything that reminds me of you,
Its been so long since our highway forked,
But I remember, tell me you do to.

The trash all strewn across the road
The soggy rain running slow,
Faster faster playing the car,
Like with our very own set of chords,
Like the song I sang for you.

The End

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