The Hitchhiker

He follows the winding roads of life,

mile by mile,

day by day,

ride by ride,

forever moving on

to the town just down the way,

with its dream that never proves out to be,

just more breaths of desperate dust,

in this few more miles of eternity.


He journeys on with his empty pleading stare,

into the glaring windshields of a thousand passers-by,

nameless souls,

afraid to look,

eye to eye,

for fear they might see themselves,

in harder times,

in lesser times,

in times that lurk unseen beyond the curve,

so they drive on by,

one by one,

not ever really knowing why,

just driving on before they die,

the hitchhiker spins and waves good-bye

to souls he will never know,

then he returns once more to moving on,

to forever moving on.



The End

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