Lydia: Library

After swimming (which included a lot more showing off) I decide to go to the library. Terrabithia (I'm still working on a nickname. Have come up with 'Terra' and 'Bithy' so far. I don't think any of them are very good) doesn't want to come. She says something about seeing what else her room can do. So, after I change into some jeans and a purple top, I grab my book and go downstairs. It's funny how I already seem to know where the library is, even though I haven't been there yet. But what can I say? I'm a readaholic. It's also funny how they still call those electric things that show pages of writing on them 'books'. My book is a real book. Where you have loads of small pieces of paper all attached together and you have to turn the page of you want to read the next one, it requires no speaking at all. One of the most ancient things around. I sit on the sofa and start reading. It's called The Diary of Anne Frank. I told you, I like old stories. OK... maybe this story is absolutely ancient but still... I start reading and am completely engrossed when someone else comes in. They sit on the sofa next to me and read something off one of the electronic reading boards. I'm still absorbed when they speak to me.

"Hi, what's your name?" they ask. I stop reading suddenly and look up really quickly to see who it is. They raise an eyebrow and then I realize just how fast I'd been reading. I have a habit, see, when I'm reading something I really like, I start reading faster and faster until it looks like I'm not moving at all. I feel myself blush. The boy grins. "I'm Feo"

"I'm Lydia. Nice to meet you Feo" I try not to think about the fact that Feo means 'ugly' in Spanish. This guy is not ugly. And I'm very rude to think like that. I hook my annoying lock of hair  - that never seems to stay in my plaits - behind my ear.After having to remind myself again that it isn't a spider.

"You were reading that book pretty fast. In fact, I've never seen an actual book before so I suppose that must be one" Feo says.

"Reading fast is a habit. And yes, this is a real book. It's really ancient. It belonged to my gran's, gran's, gran's, gran's, gran's, gran's, gran. I like really old stoires and things..."

"Wow. Your eyes are amazing by the way. I've never seen anyone with purple eyes before" he compliments me. I blush again, even deeper. I grab a stranded reading board and look at my reflection in the metal.My eyes are purple. My plaits are coming out so I quickly undo them. My hair falls around my face and over the back of the sofa in thick, crinkled waves. The dark red colour brings out the pink of my cheeks. I'd say my hair is my best feature. I love it. "Your hair is amazing too"

"Thanks. What were you reading, by the way? I like to know what interests other people" I ask.

"I'm not exactly sure. I just picked something randomly and started reading. Here, have a look" Foe hands me his reading board. I scan the 1st few sentences on the page.

"Harry Potter! The... 6th one! I love those books. Probably because they're old, no offence"

"Nah, it's fine. What were you reading?"

"The Diary of Anne Frank. It's a book about this girl who wrote a diary in World War Two" I tell him shyly.

"Ha! Really old fashioned!" he laughs. I laugh too.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just a really old fashioned person" I say. "So, wanna go and explore the ship? I haven't seen it all yet"

"Sure, what's there to do?" he says. I grab a reading board.

"Please can I have a list of... entertainment?" I ask. A list of stuff to do appears on the screen where the book pages normally are. "Wanna go to the cinema?" I ask Feo. He nods


"Can I have directions to the cinema? And also, can I take this with me?" I ask the board. The words Of Coarse appear on the screen, then they change to Walk Forwards. "Come on, let's go" I say to Feo, and we make our way to the cinema

The End

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