Terrabithia: My Closet

As soon as I see swimming pool on the list, I knoe that is what I must do. When I voiced it, Lydia seemed all for it. While she went to get her suit, I wondered about mine.

I don't have a fancy suit, just an ancient top, called a bra, and some surf shorts that never went out of style. I walk over to my closet, and press the button. The door slides open to reveal a screen.

Confused, I ask for clothes. Up pops a screen with icons of every type of clothing imaginable. I look, and press the one with a pool on it. The screen disapears and is replaced with styles. I select a two piece, simple. Then I pick blue and green. The screen slides away, and I walk forward. The screen goes back, and the voice asks me if I want help.

"I am good, thanks."

I strip off my leaving shorts and t-shirt, and replace them with the suit that is placed before me. It fits perfectly. I say thanks, and the screen is gone.

On the way out the door, I smile.

This might not be so bad after all. I can have anything I want. Maybe that is why tickets are so expesive.

The End

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