Lydia: Swimming

Swimming! I haven't been swimming in ages. Ever since the one at home got too heated by the sun and evaporated... I grab my brown and pink bikini from my room and go to the pool with Terrabithia. I've got to think of a nickname for her, Terrabithia's getting too much of a mouthful. I get changed and head straight for the diving board. Swimming pools are one of the only things that ever stayed the same on earth. And even then it's been upgraded so that at the deepest part of the deep end there isn't a bottom. I dive into that bit now, I feel so light and free as I soar through the air. I'm so glad my mum made me take olympic-style swimming lessons.It'smuch more fum when you can fit gymnastics into it. I twirl through the air and corkscrew into the water. I come up behind Terrabithia and make her jump.

"Show off" she mutters and goes underwater. I laugh and follow her.

The End

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