Terrabithia: Soooo.......

While we are deciding what to do, there is a knock on the door. I get up, since it is my room, and walk to the door. Standing there is a woman that looks older than me. She smiles and tells me her name is Eris Dynomia Fiyelle.

I think I remember hearing the name before, but I can't remember where. I hear a gasp behind me, and Eris's smile falters. Sudenly, Lydia is beside me and is trying to catch her breath. She is talking really fast about movies and famous people and such nonsense. Eris shakes her head.

I am totally lost. Eris seems in a hurry now, and tells us to call if we need anything. Then she gives us some earpeices and leaves. Lydia and I stand there for a second, and Lydia whispers that she is the youngest woman to ever complete the ship test. That must be where I heard of her.

We go back and sit down. I ask again for the list, but in visual this time. It pops up in front of me. I scroll down with my finger, until I see it.

"Want to go to the Swimming Pool?"

The End

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