Feo: Reading

I sat on my bed, muttering to myself. "Cyo, life ain't the best."  I peered at my cyanobacteria. My room, having unpacked everything, was quite full. An entire wall held "photographs" of people. Another wall was occupied by my wall-screen.

"Calming beach." I said. My wall-screen flashed for a moment, and a picture of a beach came up on it.  I thought. "No, no. Willow tree." I sat on my bed and pulled my old, ragged blanket around me. My favourite music started playing. It was soothing, and lulled me. I started to forget the shuttle, my family, already on Titan, neighbours, and everything else on this ship that could drive me crazy.


I woke up, stiff and groggy. "Cup of tea, please." I yawned. My wall-screen flashed in recognition, and started brewing a tea. Of course, I had already programmed it to give me a full-cafine triple sugar peppermint tea whenever I woke up. I took the cup from it's niche in the wall, and sipped on it.

"Cyanobacteria, how are you?" I asked my jar. I sat down on the chair beside it. "Good, good. I'm fine. Today I'll go and make some friends, okay? Then I'll have them meet you. That'll be fun, won't it?" I nodded at my cyanobacteria.

I went to my closet, already full. I grabbed the perfect shirt, red plaid and long-sleeved. A pair of jeans and cowboy hat, made from real straw, completed my look. My wall-screen turned into a mirror, and I fiddled with my straight, brown hair. I kept it down, but put a hair-band on my wrist.

"Bye, Cyo." I said, waving. I left my room, intent on the reading room. I wanted to read a nice book. Funny how they still called them "books" when they were really just electronic boards, set in front of you. Pictures of pages. I opened the door, and saw only one other person. A calm, quiet music played in the background.

I sat down on one of the soft, comfy chairs that sat around the room. A reading board came out from the wall and landed softly in my hands. From a selection, I chose a story and started reading. I finally looked over at the other person in the room. Whoever it was was reading furiously, their head moving from side to side very quickly.

"Hi," I said. "What's your name?"

The End

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