April : Cinema (inside)

The cinema is spectacular. Ticket boxes are arranged neatly on one side, cinecapsule rooms are spreaded out, and the smell of all things nice hover in the air. We walk up to a ticket box.

"Two Avatar tickets please," I tell the lady at the desk.

"Of course, screening or capsules?" Screening is where you just watch the film, but no one ever buys screening tickets. Sometimes I don't see why they ask.

"Capsules please," I reply, smiling.

"All right, that'll be 9 gons 98, please, all together." I nod, and take out my gon plate. It's a mechanical transparent plate about the size of an ancient "credit card." You write in the amount you want to pay in a box, sign it yourself, and get the seller to sign too. It's a bit pointless if you want to buy something under 3 gons, but that's how it is. I write in the amount 4.99 and see Marii do the same. We hand them both to the lady in the ticket box and she scans it. Then she hands us both a ticket. It's more like a coin than a ticket, and the word Avatar is carved onto the metal.

"Thank you!" We walk over to the Avatar cinecapsule room.

The End

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