Jake: KO...for the 57th time this week

I was just getting ready for a few rounds on the punchbag when Eris stormed into the hall looking stressed. I wonder what's eating her?

She grins painfully at me and shouts "Hey Jakey, fancy a 'rumble in the jungle'?" Oh what harm? "Sure thing Babe, if you can handle me that is." I call back. "Oh you're on!" she pulls on gloves and grabs a gumshield. "Except I fancy a round of kickboxing. Problem with that?"

I laugh and pulls on my own gloves. "Nope. Bring it on baby! ARIS initiate referee for kickboxing. 3 minute rounds."

Halfway through the third round she starts goading me. "Is that the best you can do?" I take her down fast and she jumps back up again and screams at me as I dash away. "Jake Patrick Moran you crazy Irish git, get back here till I murder you!" I simply laugh at her "Come on baby, you can do better then that!"

Let me explain the Irish statement a little. My name is Jake Moran. I'm 20 years old, nearly 21 and I've got black hair and green eyes. I was born on an island called Ireland back on old earth and I joined SEP when I was 15.

3 years later I met Eris on the first day for new recruits. She saved my life two weeks later on a routine training mission gone wrong and we've been friends ever since. It was me that made her take the carrier ship test. I knew she could do it. And she needed something to take her out of the black hole she'd been living in since Dinége...but no, I won't go into that now. There's a time and place for everything and this is not it.

I love Eris I guess. But not in the couple kind of way, well I don't think so anyway. She's my best friend. Plus she saved my life, I owe her one. She also was there for me when my fiancée left me last year, bringing me ice cream and stuff to try and cheer me up. I enjoyed our fights more then the ice cream though. She has a tongue as sharp as her mind does that Eris!

The way me and Eris talk to each other... well it's almost like we're a couple or something. But that's not how it is at all. We just understand each other very well. Sometimes I think she knows me better then I know myself. I laugh as I dodge another punch and she curses me "Get back here old man!" I grin at her from under my hair. "Well I might be an old man but I'm outmaneuvering you a chailín a stór* am I not?"

Suddenly she catches me square in the chest with a spinning kick and I go flying backwards and land in a heap. Ouch. Spoke too soon for the 57th time this week. So far this month has been

Eris: 98/Jake: nil

I must have zoned out a bit because the next thing I know she's by my side. "Jake are you ok?" she smooths my hair back out of my eyes and tilts my chin up to look at her. I pretend to be out of it but I was never a good actor. I start grinning and she punches me in the shoulder. "You mean thing! I thought I'd really hurt you!" I just grin "Nah, just damaged my pride is all. By the way, we've got company." I had noticed two girls sitting over on the stands and watching us. Eris turns and looks over at them and then looks back at me and I give her the puppy dog eyes as a joke. For some reason she jumps backwards and blushes. She shakes her head and smiles to herself as she takes off the gloves and walks towards them. Ah, they must be in her charge.


*My girl, my love. (Irish)

The End

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